Safety — A Commitment to Our Employees, Our Clients, and the Communities Where We Work.

Safety on the jobsite, in the office, and on the road is a high priority for our company. It is something that we take seriously, that we implement daily, and that we are always working to improve. At Tom's Backhoe Service we know that well-implemented safety standards translate into increased job efficiency, enhanced employee comfort, and greater client confidence in our abilities.

Safety. An Established Safety Program and Operating Procedures.

As a reputable and ever-growing excavating contractor we feel it is our obligation to maintain an ever-evolving safety program and standard operating procedures. At Tom's Backhoe Service our "living" safety program has been developed to meet or exceed compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations / guidelines pertaining to our excavating areas of service. Our proactive safety program applies to all employees — from our owner and long-time jobsite veterans to our newest hires and office personnel. Retaining an experienced Safety Director, we undergo weekly jobsite inspections, routine equipment maintenance, ongoing employee safety training, and continual review of our safety program.

Key Elements within Our Safety Program

  • OSHA Training & Compliance
  • New Employee Safety Orientation
  • Annual Employee Safety Training
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Weekly Jobsite Inspections
  • Routine Equipment Maintenance
  • Individual Employee Safety Handbooks

Safety. Trained and Detail-Oriented Personnel.

At Tom's Backhoe Service we believe that safety starts with each and every member of our team. As such, we strive to hire responsible, professional, and meticulous individuals who truly want to maintain safe work environments for themselves and others. Once hired, each new employee is required to undergo extensive orientation and safety training prior to stepping foot onto an active jobsite. Following initial orientation, each employee must complete mandatory, ongoing safety classes on an annual basis. We also retain a dedicated and highly-knowledgeable Safety Director.

Safety. Well Maintained Equipment.

In our line of work, safety begins with the employee but must also be extended to the equipment that we operate. Relying on oversized and heavy equipment to properly do our jobs comes with an inherent amount of danger. However, ensuring that each piece of equipment is routinely maintained, immediately repaired when failures occur, and is operated as intended greatly reduces our risk of safety-related incidents. At Tom's Backhoe Service we see to it that all of our equipment — from the smallest of hand shovels to the largest of excavators — is properly stored and professionally maintained (if applicable). All mechanical equipment is regularly serviced — taking into account adequate tire inflation, braking ability, hydraulic mechanisms, oil changes, and more. As a long-time, year-round excavating contractor we maintain our own shop with our own experienced mechanics to ensure timely repairs and proper maintenance.