General Contracting — We Can Take the Lead on Your Excavating Projects

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At Tom's Backhoe Service our nearly four decades of experience serve us well in all aspects related to excavating — making us an ideal choice as your general contracting expert. There is much more to excavating than just moving dirt around a jobsite. Our extensive experience ensures that all concerns — permits, safety standards, governmental guidelines, environmental regulations, civil engineering, utility scheduling, material requirements, timelines, and more — are taken into account. We can do the work, manage the project, and give you the peace of mind that everything will continue moving smoothly in a cost-effective manner.

Specializing in municipal and commercial excavating jobs, which are often large and at times complicated, we make sure to retain a team of professionals who are fully experienced with the entire excavating process. Our estimators, project managers, field supervisors, safety personnel, and equipment operators are second to none. No matter what the project scope, if it involves excavating services we can deliver. Tom's Backhoe Service is ready to be your general contracting partner in all things excavation.

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