Underground Utilities — Providing Repair, Replacement & New Installation

Municipal Services

At Tom's Backhoe Service we have sharpened our utility installation skills to become one of the leading underground utility contractors in the Upper Midwest. We offer more than 20 years of underground utilities expertise, which is backed by nearly 40 years of general excavating experience. Our creative team is able to complete utilities projects — repairs, replacements, and new installations — safely, on-time, and within budget. We offer quick-thinking solutions, value-added services, and can self-perform nearly all aspects of the job.

  • City Sewer & Water Hook-ups
  • Mainline Sanitary Sewer Services
  • Mainline Water Main Services
  • Storm Sewer Services
  • Fire Hydrant Installation
  • Large Underground Storage Tanks
  • Industrial Piping of All Materials – ductile iron pipe, reinforced concrete pipe, steel, HDPE, PVC, fusible PVC
  • Utility Abandonment
  • On-Call Emergency Repairs

Municipal Water Systems

When it comes to supplying the residents of your community with clean, drinkable, always available water you need to call on the experts — you need Tom's Backhoe Service. Our experienced pipe crews have the know-how to install water mains of all types and sizes. Specializing in this line of work, we can provide new construction installation as well as provide repair to existing mains. Whether repairing or upgrading your city's water system, we can get the job done right while providing minimal disruption for everyone involved.

Municipal Sewer Systems

A vital component to any modern society is an efficient, effective, and environmental-appropriate method of handling sanitary concerns. When it comes to municipal sewer systems we know the ins and outs — the design, permitting, pipe laying, regulations, and more. We have experience working with all types of municipal waste water systems, from the most outdated system to the most modern systems available. At Tom's Backhoe Service we can provide emergency repairs, complete system upgrades, system expansions, and new system installations.

Storm Water Systems

We are a leading contractor in assisting with the development and installation of storm water management systems. Working with municipality leaders and civil engineers, we are able to establish storm water systems that meet federal, state, and local treatment regulations. At Tom's Backhoe Service we are familiar with all types of storm water systems and maintenance, including:

  • Detention Systems
  • Vault Systems
  • Cyclone Systems
  • Storm Water Ponds
  • Channel Restoration
  • Pond Clean Out
  • System Maintenance & Upgrades